MyReviewPlugin has two primary embed modes. The automatic embeds, which allow you to integrate with any theme by checking checkboxes in the user interface, and the manual embeds, which use an API and "template tags" to integrate with the theme.

For most users, especially users starting out, the automatic embeds and a theme that hasn't been customized to use manual embeds, are the best choice. The Video Tutorials (Introduction, Setup Embeds — and later, the Advanced CSS Customization) walk you through the set up and customization of automatic embeds in detail.

Automatic embeds work as follows: WordPress provides a number of locations in your blog where we can "inject" content, features of MyReviewPlugin like the tables and input forms, you can select from those locations for each type of Embed on the Setup Embeds page in WordPress (watch the video for more help) and generally control those features. You can then modify their appearance with a combination of the Appearance Settings and CSS.

Manual embeds work just like "template tags" in WordPress themes. They require at least a rudimentary understanding of PHP and the MyReviewPlugin API. There's no video documenting these, but their implementation is documented in detail in wp-content/MyRP/api/standard.php if you have PHP experience. If you need help doing a manual integration of anything, open a ticket!

If you are using manual embeds, i.e., from a built in theme, you'll find that when you activate things that already exist on the site on the Setup Embeds page are duplicated. For beginners, we usually recommend that if you aren't comfortable with manual embeds, you work with a non-MyRP theme and use automatic embeds. That said, if you wish to remove the manual embeds, go to Themes > Edit > select the page you wish to edit and then find the myrp_api_* functions to remove parts from your site, removing manual embeds will remove the MyRP integration from these themes (which you can then reproduce with automatic embeds if desired...). If you need help with this, open a ticket and someone can remove the embeds for you, though again, manual embeds are used for control.

Sidebar, MyRP -> Setup Embeds

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